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cassity degges
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I have seen that cauldrons placed in front of Seamus Finnegan tend to explode.

I was there when Justin Finch-Fletchley was petrified by a basilisk.

I helped Neville Longbottem find Trevor, regardless of where the toad had hopped off to.

I fed thestrals with Luna Lovegood.

I envied Ginevra Weasley's skill as she cast a bat bogey hex,

I have listened to Lavender Brown and Parvati Patil gush over divination.

I've talked with the chatty Hannah Abbot

I joined Terry Boot as he signed up for Dumbledore Army.

I scowled as I passed by the catty Pansy Parkinson.

I have listened to the intelligent Professor Filius Flitwick as he spoke about charms from atop the stack of books he stands on.

I have worn earmuffs while handling mandrakes.

I have wandered the forbidden forest with Hagrid and Fang

I heard all the mean things that were said about Millicent Bulstrode

I secretly wondered why Theodore Nott was such a loner every time I saw him walk through the halls.

I have avoided Filch and the cleaver Mrs. Norris when sneaking around at night, most the time at least.

I have seen Crookshanks press a knob on the Womping Willow and open a secret passageway.

I have laughed and caused mayhem with Fred and George.

I have grumbled about Professor Severus Snape and have admired his billowing robes and his stinging wit.

  I have fought with Draco Malfoy.

I have out smarted Gregory Goyle and Vincent Crabbe

I have studied transfiguration under the strict but protective Professor Minerva McGonagall.

I have been proud of Andromeda Tonks for showing that the house of Slytherin is not all bad.

i have cryed for those that were lost along the way.

I have been friends with Hermione granger, Harry potter, and Ron Weasley.

  Among many others, these are people I have watched grow. And have grown up with. Now the adventure I've helped them on is coming to an end. I now raise my voice in appreciation to all the others in this tale who have known these people and supported them. I raise my glass to the crazy awesome lunatics who've been potterheads and potterhalics from the beginning, and who will continue to be after the end. And I raise my wand to Harry Potter and the wizarding world in its entirety. Thank you for making my life magical.

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